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Golden Pothos from $14.60
Philodendron Cordatum from $16.40 $17.95
Stromanthe sanguinea Triostar from $21.00
Schefflera Arboricola Variegated from $12.60 $15.45
Chinese Evergreen Leprechaun from $15.55 $19.10
Chinese Evergreen Siam Red
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Trailing Hoya Kerrii Heart (At least 3+ leaves) from $27.99 $34.49
Alocasia Purple Sword
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Begonia Maculata Polka Dot
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Ctenanthe Lubbersiana from $22.60
Alocasia Silver Dragon
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Alocasia Red Secret
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Introducing this beautiful houseplant collection! It contains unique, colorful, air-purifying, and trailing plants. Enjoy the lush foliage and bright colors in any indoor space. With this selection, you can breathe healthy air and create a joyful atmosphere.