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January has come and with them our Succulents Box for this month! Please welcome to your unique collection: Echeveria Agavoides Christmas, Haworthia African Pearls, Haworthia Batesiana, and Crassula Ivory Towers Succulent.
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Echeveria Agavoides Christmas 1 review from $5.45
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Haworthia African Pearls 24 reviews from $5.45
Haworthia batesiana for sale, monthly succulents, succulent subscription, succulent plant, cactus, succulent care, Succulents, succulents garden, Rare succulents, Haworthia batesiana in California, How to grow Haworthia batesiana
Haworthia Batesiana Succulent 3 reviews from $5.45
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Crassula Ivory Towers 36 reviews from $5.45
Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plant Clump for sale, Tips for Caring Ionantha Air Plant, Air plant gift decor ideas, How to care for air plants indoor
Ionantha Clump 3 reviews
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