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    Build a Halloween scene that your family, friends, and neighbors will remember for many years. Succulents Box provides everything you need to make this Halloween the finest one ever, whether you're looking for Halloween succulents or any other form of the planter.

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    Halloween White Pumpkin Pot $3.20 $4.05
    Halloween Cat Pot $3.20 $4.05
    Halloween Ghost Pot $4.00 $5.05
    Sleeping Zebra Pot $7.96 $9.95
    White Bear Pot $9.95
    Seal Pot
    Sold Out
    Deer Pot
    Sold Out
    Pink Ear Kitten Pot
    Sold Out
    Cow Pot $11.15
    Brown Ear Elephant Pot $12.95
    Brown and White Dog Pot $9.95
    Blushing Chic Pot $12.95
    Ghost Plant Graptopetalum Paraguayense from $6.25
    Variegated Ghost Plant from $7.25
    Crassula Devil’s Horns
    Sold Out
    Devil's Tongue Cactus from $10.65
    Peruvian Old Man Cactus
    Sold Out
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