Aloe/ Haworthia/ Agave/ Gasteria

A collection of easy-to-grow succulents with an amazing moisture-storing ability. They are popular garden and container plants.

- Aloe is a flowering succulent plants, native to Africa and Madagascar. The plant is stemless or very short-stemmed with thick, greenish, fleshy leaves that fan out from the plant’s central stem. The margin of the leaf is serrated with small teeth. Mature aloe vera plants occasionally produce a tall flower spike—called an inflorescence—from which dozens of tubular yellow or red blossoms appear.

- Haworthia is a large genus of small succulent plants endemic to Southern Africa. Many species have firm, tough, fleshy leaves, usually dark green in colour, whereas others are softer and contain leaf windows with translucent panels through which sunlight can reach internal photosynthetic tissues. Their flowers are small, and generally white.

- Agaves are best known as succulents with large leaves that end in spiny tips. It can grow to 20 feet in diameter. Agaves are grown for their dramatic foliage, not their flowers. That's a good thing because they bloom only once when they are fully mature.

- Gasterias are native to South Africa and are related to the Aloe and Haworthia family of plants. Gasteria are known for their beautiful very striking tongue like leaves that can vary in size from small and compact leaves to long and and tongue like. Gasterias care, no matter the species, is easy and minimal.

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