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Air plants challenge everything we know about most plants, no soil, no pot, endless possibilities. Air plants are not only fun to grow, but they are also fun to display. 

Our Airplant Accessories Collection features natural Cholla Wood, Mini Concrete Pots, Glass Globes and Preserved Reindeer Moss designed for displaying air plants. This will come DIY and is very easy to assemble. Just simply place the air plant in the holders. They won't be attached which will make it easy to remove for weekly watering.

  • Cholla Cactus Wood is made up of a lot of holes and is hollow in the middle, which is perfect for mounting numerous air plants. Our Cholla wood has been thoroughly cleaned for aesthetic purposes and is ready to help you create a unique attractive arrangement. Each piece of wood is different in texture, shape, pattern, and color.
  • Mini Concrete Pots are approximately 2.25" tall x 1.5" diameter. They are porous so water can evaporate quickly, making them the perfect pot material for air plants. Concrete planters are durable and great at insulating plants against sudden temperature fluctuations. Concrete can absorb and radiate heat, which can protect roots against late or early frosts.
  • Glass Globes are stylish containers for your air plants because its transparency allows them to show off their beauty. The plants will also receive the amount of filtered sunlight they require when placed in a glass terrarium. There are two ventilation holes on the surface of the glass globe, giving your plants plenty of air circulation.
  • Reindeer Moss is preserved to use in many home and office decor displays. Lovely soft and spongy texture, ideal for covering soil and dressing potted plants. The moss looks natural and has endless possibilities of application in the interior or making a present. No water needed. 


Add air plant accessories to any area in your home (bookshelf, side tables, kitchens, and even bathrooms). These little things allow you to mix and match with decor ideas, and get creative with the look.


Air plant displays bring elegance to wedding tabletop decor, centerpieces and favors, parties, birthdays, and make perfect gifts for gardeners, loved ones, or housewarmings.

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Marble Concrete Pot for sale
Marble Concrete Pot $5.20
Glass Globe Terrarium Pot
2'' Glass Globe
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Marble Ceramic Pot $6.20
Bamboo Pot
Bamboo Pot
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3 inch Staghorn Cholla Wood Pot for sale, Teddy Bear Cholla for Aquariums, Crafting, Air Plants, Natural cactus cholla wood, Home decor ideas, Air plant display, Air plant accessory for sale
3 inch Staghorn Cholla Wood Pot 1 review
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Black Concrete Pot for Air Plants
Black Concrete Pot
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Handcrafted Wooden Planter for sale, Rectangle Wooden Planter, wooden planter boxes, wooden flower pots designs
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Cloud Concrete Pot for Sale
Cloud Concrete Pot
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Orange Concrete Pot for sale
Orange Concrete Pot
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Handcrafted Wooden Planter for sale, Rectangle Wooden Planter, wooden planter boxes, wooden flower pots designs
Coastal Turquoise Small Wooden Airplants Holder
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