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Watering Air plant 101

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Watering Air plant 101


Air plantshave won the spotlight of being the most popular houseplant, as they can be displayed in a lot of creative ways. Plus, they don't need soil to thrive, which makes them very easy to grow. However, this doesn't mean that they don't require special care. In fact, caring for air plants is very specific, especially when it comes to their watering needs. But we got you covered as we have listed all the tips and tricks to make it really easy and to keep your air plants happy all year long.

Types of water to use

Types of Tillandsia Air Plants

Don’t use chlorinated or water in the softening system as it can harm your air plants. The best option for you to use is rainwater or filtered water. If none of the above is available, you may use tap water, but make sure to allow your air plants to sit out in a bowl for at least 24 hours. This would evaporate the chlorine that can turn the tips of your plant's leaves to brown.

Methods of watering

The three common methods that can be used in watering air plants: misting, soaking, and the combined method. Though you may use any of these methods, it is still necessary to know how each of them works in order for you to know the best one that suits you.



Misting your air plants, How to water air plants


If you choose to do this method, use a misting bottle in spraying your air plants. Do this until all of your air plant's leaves are wet, but make sure not to get them too wet that they end up dripping, causing them to die. Apply this method at least once a day, less or more when needed.


Air Plants Soaking, How to water your air plants


With this method, you need to remove your air plants from being displayed, then sink them for 1 hour in a bowl full of water to completely cover them. Normally, parts of your air plants will float, just make sure that the majority of them stay under the water. After 1 hour, remove your air plant (holding it upside down), then shake well to get rid of any excess water that might have been collected at the base of the inner leaves. You may display again your air plant after doing this until it is time to soak them again.

Combined method

The best way to water your air plants

The best way to water your air plants is to soak them for 20 minutes to an hour every 7 to 10 days, with a supplemental misting depending on the current climate and time of year. Remember that the water should be lukewarm since cold or hot water might shock or damage your air plants.

But which method is the best? It’s a little tricky as the required watering of an air plant depends on the climate they are growing in and the type of air plant. For example, Tillandsia tectorum or the ones with thicker leaves that come from more desert climate, misting method is the best means of watering them. But for Tropical one with thinner leaves, they should be soaked in water for a few hours for at least once a week.

Fun Facts

Air plant leaves get extremely curly as a sign of dehydration. However, some gardeners prefer this look as they appear to be more lovely than their natural concave-shaped leaves.

Bottom line

Now you know how crucial watering is for air plants, and by following the tips in this article, your air plants will never die due to dehydration, nor will they rot with overwatering. It ensures to make your air plants healthy and happy all-year-round!

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