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How to make a Christmas Succulent Tree

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Decorating a perfect Christmas tree with ornaments, baubles and festive gifts is fun. Want to know what would make it better: Decorating a living succulent Christmas tree. This holiday season, we are combining two of our favorites in one: Christmas tree and succulents. And as a succulent lover, it's just hard to skip this.

So, ever fancy getting that Insta-worthy look with little efforts? Keep on reading.


How to make a Christmas Succulent Tree

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The most important part of making a great-looking succulent tree is preparing the materials. You will need:

- Around 30-40 succulent clippings of all sizes.

- Sphagnum moss or preserved green moss

- Floral wires

- Wire Cutter

- U-shaped pins

How to make a Christmas Succulent Tree

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Let's get started:

Step 1: Use the floral wire to make a Christmas tree shape. If you don't want to start from scratch, another option is buying some chicken wire and just round it up into a funnel.


Use the floral wire to make a Christmas succulent tree shape


Step 2: Slightly wet the moss and stuff it in the wire frame.

Stuff the moss in the wire frame to make a Christmas succulent tree


Step 3: This is a very important step. Before using the cutting to make the tree, make sure you let it callous for a few days. The end of the cutting should be fairly dry to prevent rotten stem.

Once the end is fairly dry, remove the bottom leaves of the cutting to expose the stems. This will make it easier to stick the clippings to the steel frame. We can keep the leaves for later use in propagation.

You can also read this blog post to see some of the Cutting Positions for Succulent Propagation.


Step 4: Secure the cutting to the moss with pins. Start from the bottom with bigger succulents and work it up to the top of the tree.


How to make a Christmas Succulent Tree


Complete the look with bauble and small ornaments. You can check out our video on more detail guide on how to make a Christmas tree from succulent.

In case you hesitate to clip off your precious succulent, you can always check out our second rendition of this festive Christmas tree. Followed this 'pot in the pot' trend, you can create amazing artsy while keeping your succulents healthy.


How to make a Christmas succulent tree with 'pot in the pot' trend

<Source: Instagram account @fennysflowers>


Step 1: Prepare a big container with proper drainage, fill it with cactus soil mix.

Step 2: Find a smaller pot and gently sink it in the soil.

Step 3: Starting towards the opening of the smaller pot, place your succulents the same way you would make an upright arrangement. The layout and color choice is where you can get real creative.

You can fill the background with contrasting pebble or perlite to bring out the color of the succulents.



There you have it: your flawfless, selffie-worthy tree. With some easy steps, your succulent tree will be thriving throughout holiday time.


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