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Which succulents can be planted together in an arrangement

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Which succulents can be planted together


If you want to create a succulent arrangement there are a few things about choosing the right succulents to go together. Succulents already look gorgeous on their own. Still, they need certain techniques to make their arrangement stand out.

Also, knowing which succulents can be planted together will save your time and effort in caring for their growth. So here is what you need to know about succulent combinations.


Succulent Arrangement

Succulent Collection 


Which Succulents Can be Planted Together?

1. Growth needs

There are so many succulents’ varieties. And if you want to arrange the succulents, a rule of thumb is to choose those with similar needs. They will live in harmony and maintain the appearance of the whole set for a long time.

For example, Crassula (Jades) is a winter grower while Graptosedum California Sunset is a summer grower. Therefore it would not be a good idea to plant them together. When it comes to succulent combinations, you should put their growing season, watering, lighting, and soil need into consideration.

Some winter dormant succulents that look great together are Agave, Echeveria and Sempervivum. And if you want to put the summer dormant succulents together, you may want to think about Aeonium, Aloe, Graptopetalum, and Kalanchoe.

Succulent Arrangement

Succulent Arrangement

2. Height

Besides the nature of the succulents, it is also essential to consider the height and the color to put them in harmony. Your arrangement should have the thriller, filler, and spiller.

Use tall succulents for the thriller, making the entire appearance outstanding. Use shorter succulents as the filler around them. And finally, put some “spiller” trailing succulents to finish the arrangement. The recipe is simple, and you can always put your own twist to it until it looks good in your eyes.


3. Color

Succulent Arrangement

Succulent Arrangement 

It is easy to choose a theme for your succulent arrangement. Whether you want it to be colorful or monochromatic, there are many succulents that can make your succulents combinations look great.

There are 3 main ways to combine colors – monochromatic, analogous, and complementary.

For monochromatic arrangement, you will need to put the succulents with the same colors but with different shades together.

With analogous setting, you will group those with the colors sitting next to each other in the color wheel (orange, yellow, and green).

Complementary schemes call for colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel (red and green).


[Ideal Plant Combinations]Ideal plant combinations that have similar water and light needs

After considering the similarities in water and light needs, you can decide which succulents can be planted together. However, succulent combination is not the only way to make your container/ bowl/ pot or landscape stand out. You can combine your succulents with other plants to diversify your succulent arrangement options.



Cactus with Cute Appearance

Opuntia Microdasys Angel's Wing 


Some little cacti will add a cute and spiky appearance to your succulent combinations. You may want to opt for those with small to medium size and spikes. Your arrangement will then look eye-catching and harmonious.


Watch the video below (and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos) to create simple succulents arrangement for beginers!




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