string of pearls
    "it is doing good, so far. thanks cute little plant, wish the size was larger"
    Carolyn S.
    Beautiful Succulents BUT
      "These plants arrived on time and in one piece! The 2’ pots were a bit too small with the root system that had already grown so I planted all three into a larger pot—the soil was a nice touch. Now the ‘but’: my cat dug one up, ate portions and vomited! I’d love to have one more to replant, if possible?!?"
      Jill M.
      Bought as a gift
        "Bought this plant as a gift for my SIL and she really likes it. "
        Laura B.
          "I love my plants and will buy more! Thank you very much!"
          Donna K.
          First time but not the last
            "Great quality and packaging! I was hoping for it to be a little more full but I’m still happy! I already did another order not even 2 weeks later!"
            Corrine R.
            I was worried!
              "I was surprised at the method of shipment. I thought there was no way that it would live but I planted it anyway. It only took a day to show signs of life. Today it is looking very healthy. I am very satisfied! Time to order more!"
              Nancy J.
              Nice plants
                "I’ve received 9 plants so far, and 8 of them are still alive and thriving. They come packaged nice and safely in the mail, which was my concern in the beginning. I love the surprise every month, last month’s even got a flower the day after I received it."
                Marla H.
                Such a pretty succulent.
                  "I received a echeveria atlantis in great condition. Beautifully packaged. I was very happy with my order. It's beautiful. "
                  Elizabeth G.
                  Pagoda Rec
                    "Awesome plants. Thank you so cute an growing."
                    Debbie M.
                      "Each succulent I receive looks healthy and I look forward to seeing wondering what next months will be!"
                      terri h.
                        "Beautiful bella"
                        Maria T.
                        Beautiful little cactus
                          "I just love this adorable little plant. I even had one flower bloom the first week home. "
                          Christmas catus
                            "Very pleased with the product so far it arrived with blossoms on it and in a timely matter"
                            Sharon N.
                            First aeonium sunburst
                              "I see people with huge sunburst aeoniums so i needed to add some to my collection. All of them arrived beautiful and healthy."
                              Daniqua Cadena
                              Bought another
                                "Such a cute plant but not a fast grower so i bought another to help fill up my pot."
                                Daniqua Cadena
                                Tiger Jaw this month!
                                  "Love being in the succulents of the month club! "
                                  Nancy M.
                                  It's an unusual and attractive plant. I just hope I can keep it alive for a long time
                                    "Excellent but my planter fell off the window and broke. I was able to salvage the string of pearls. Right now it is in the bottom of the Mother-In-Law plants planter until I can get another hanging planter,."
                                    Rebecca S.
                                    Cute little plant in great shape
                                      "This little plant arrived in great shape. I got it potted and it's doing fine."
                                      Tammy P.
                                      Succulents pkg
                                        "My plant came in two weeks, healthy and happy . I would buy again they have some nice young cuts. "
                                        Bruce W.
                                        I am very pleased with
                                          "I am very pleased with my orders! They are beautiful! The plants succulents are happy & healthy! Still ordering! "
                                          Stephanie G.
                                          Very cute
                                            "The plants are beautiful and they came quickly and well packaged "
                                            Rabecca N.
                                              "So far so good. "
                                              Tina Steinke
                                              Another excellent plant
                                                "I received another beautiful plant for my monthly selection. What a great deal at $4 a month! A nice surprise the first week of every month. I just look forward to getting that new plant every month and being in the NE part of the US there aren’t many succulents for sale this time of year. Good job you two!!!"
                                                Michael S.
                                                Cute cactus with lots of personality
                                                  "Lost a few pads while unwrapping, but the cactus itself was healthy and happy. I will be propagating the pads that fell off, so I'll have more!"
                                                  Juicy little hearts!
                                                    "Plant was expertly shipped and protected, the leaves were nice and juicy, and the soil mix was good. I only misted the top part (I'm a chronic over-waterer, misting helps my compulsion to water), and put it in a bright corner. Excited to have this plant, I've been seeing it everywhere! "
                                                    Great service, plant was larger
                                                      "Great service, plant was larger than expected, liked the free shipping."
                                                      Chuck C.
                                                      Excellently displayed..healthy
                                                        "Happy to get to know you"
                                                        Charlene M.
                                                        Beautiful Plants
                                                          "The four succulents that I received arrived in good condition. The plants are healthy and beautiful. They were shipped very quickly. I am extremely pleased!"
                                                          Susan G.
                                                          Semper vive!
                                                            "The shipping was very fast. The packaging was awesome...I live in Central Mn the temperatures were below zero during the shipment time. It is a little unhappy but I keep talking to the plant letting it know it won't get cold again. Thank you for you for your beautiful products. I will shall this site with others. Sincerely, Jan Smith"
                                                            Jan S.
                                                            Love this plnt
                                                              "The plant arrived in pristine condition and fast. I waited a while to find this cactus and couldn’t be happier with it"
                                                              Kathleen H.